Medford Oregon Photography

Medford, Oregon photography by Cloudy Day Photography. Serving the Rogue Valley and Medford are professionally since 2011, including photography in Ashland, Central Point, Gold Hill, Rogue River, and more.

I enjoy both the work and the artistry of using photography to capture an individual’s personality and sense of style in a moment in time. Medford, Oregon, and the surrounding areas in the Rogue Valley provide an incredible array of outdoor settings for senior portraits, a family photo shoot, weddings, and more.

For a standard photo session, each outdoor location in the Medford area is carefully chosen for the setting, time of year, weather, time of day, theme, and/or client preference. Sessions can be held in any nearby location – you can choose, toss ideas around with me, or simply leave it to me.

For instance, Bear Creek Park in Medford and Lithia Park in Ashland (along with several other parks) have many attractive features with the look and feel of nature without the difficulty of trekking through the woods off of some old BLM road in the hills. Or, even easier, sessions in downtown Medford can produce a wide range of backgrounds, colors, and lighting profiles perfect for senior portraits or a fun ‘couples’ photo shoot. I know tons of fun, neat locations, and am always discovering new ones.