This was a shoot I did a while back for the gals from the TV show “The Most Wanted List.” The show is basically a blend of a hunting show, and and epic bucket list check off. It was a little disconcerting having a cameraman follow us around this whole day. You would think, being a photographer, it wouldn’t be strange, but being behind the camera is way different! Haha. This day involved a lot of craziness, quads, horses, guns, water, and just about anything you can imagine! One of the shots was used by Kristy Lee Cook, as the cover photo for her newest EP “All Kinds of Crazy.” You can check out the link to their show on the Sportsman Channel, as well as the link to Kristy’s page below.

Styling by Olivia Stinton

Hair and makeup by Allie Phillips

And moral support, gear lugging, and general awesomeness by my BFF Laura Biddle