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This lovely couple celebrated their marriage with a rustic backyard wedding at the family farm in Eagle Point, Oregon. The view was splendid, the attendees delightful, and the weather cooperative enough to make everything work.

This was technically a vow renewal, as the couple had married earlier while in the military service abroad. The event was designed to be a simple ceremony centered around family and a few close friends, and it turned out to be a joyous and fun time despite the errant Oregon weather.

There were also a lot of little personal touches, from the handmade bouquet, sequined boots bedazzled by the bride herself, a tribute to a relative gone too soon, homegrown flowers, homemade wedding cake, and more.

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Wedding Photography in Eagle Point, OR

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Rustic Backyard Wedding in Southern Oregon

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Wedding Photography in Eagle Point, Oregon

Wedding Photography

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We had just enough time for the wedding ceremony, family photos, and a brief series of gorgeous portraits of the newlyweds out in the field before the rain began pouring. With Oregon weather, you never know if it’s going to keep coming or dash away to reveal sunlight, but in this case it just kept coming.

And thus the backyard reception was moved indoors, with very little fuss. Everyone had a grand time sharing a celebratory meal together in the living room and kitchen, eating BBQ, drinking wine and champagne, and topping it all off with the wedding cake.

Eagle Point, Oregon Wedding

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