Kiss in the fading sunlight

The two mesas rising up 700 feet over the Rogue Valley are known collectively as Table Rock. The northeast mesa is called Upper Table Rock and the southwest version is named Lower Table Rock. Both mesas have easily accesible hiking trails, but due to the shorter hike (2.8 miles) and spectacular view of the surrounding areas, Upper Table Rock is the far more popular hiking destination for the general public.

Upper Table Rock is where we hiked for this lovely couple’s destination wedding and subsequent wedding photos. The ceremony itself was a simple and brief affair, attended by family and close friends. The location was near the cliff edge at the top of the mesa looking out over the Rogue Valley with Mt. McLoughlin in view in the distance. Spring flowers were in bloom, with purples, greens, oranges, and yellows waving gently in the breeze. It was a peaceful, happy, and lovely time.

The day was clear and bright. The bride and groom had planned the wedding to take place in the late afternoon, with traditional family photos directly after along with a simple cupcake reception and congratulations from friends. As family and friends began to drift back down the hiking trail, we were left with the beautiful newlyweds for a two-hour photography session at the perfect time of day, with the sun illuminating the mesas and spring blossoms to perfection.

Destination Wedding - Upper Table Rock

Rogue Valley, Oregon

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Table Rock, Oregon

Bridal Portrait

Destination Wedding Photography - Oregon

Southern Oregon destination wedding

Oregon Wedding: Table Rock

Table Rock, Southern Oregon

Wedding Photography Oregon - Table Rock

Southern Oregon - Table Rock

Destination Wedding in Oregon

Table Rock Wedding Ceremony

Groom wedding day portrait

A field of spring flowers on Table Rock

Table Rock, Oregon

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On Upper Table Rock, in view of Lower

Bride & Groom Hiking

Kiss in the fading sunlight

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