Senior Photos with Purple, Green, and Yellows

Fall is here. (Or it was, back in October of 2015 when we took these photos!)

The colors are swoon worthy, and the crisp air is like a refreshing drink of water! Kaylee is cheerleader at North Medford, and to capture her senior portraits we toured the Britt Garden trails behind the historic city of Jacksonville, Oregon, along with a few other nearby locations.

A quote for this fun senior portrait session with the lovely Kaylee:

“Where you tend a rose my lad, a thistle cannot grow.”
― Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

Some random facts about Jacksonville:

The town was originally called “Table Rock City” after the gorgeous views of the two eponymous mesa plateaus 10 miles away. It was also the home of Oregon’s first Chinatown, evidence of which (bowls, teacups, opium pipes, etc) was discovered by a road construction crew digging up Main Street.

Today Jacksonville is a beautiful tourist area, home to several wonderful restaurants, the famous Britt Festival venue, and of course the lovely Britt Gardens, parts of which you will see below.

Colorful outdoor senior portraits

Portrait Photography in Southern Oregon

Portrait photo in Southern Oregon

Beautiful black & white head shot

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Black blouse and jeans in the outdoors

Senior Photos with Purple, Green, and Yellows

Senior Photo with Scarf

Teal dress with bright green outdoors

Senior Photos with Vibrant Colors

Sunbeams across a high school senior

Senior Portraits

Senior with Black Beanie and Flower

North Medford High School Cheerleader

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